The mission of Ron and Melinda Meldrum is to:

1. Plant new KJV, independent Baptist churches in rural New England towns, particularly in Maine.

2. Help small churches, stressed churches, struggling churches, new church plants, and other at-risk churches in rural New England through training, preaching, door-knocking, etc..

3. Provide pulpit supply and interim pastor services to rural churches in New England.

4. Train men and women who are interested in doing the above three things.

5. Eventually provide a support network and/or umbrella organization for folks who are serious about working hard to do the above four things.

See What We Believe.

The Meldrums are sent by Good Shepherd Baptist Church, Smithfield, Kentucky (Pastor Arvill Duncan), with the administrative assistance of Warrenton Baptist Mission Agency, of Vicksburg, MS.

About Brother Ron Meldrum

Pastor Ron MeldrumBrother Ron Meldrum has pastored an independent Baptist church in rural Maine for over 12 years. For 16 years, he has ministered via the Internet helping KJV, independent Baptist churches and other ministries build and maintain their web sites, and he is co-founder of Baptist Ministries which owns and manages the Worldwide Directory of KJV, Independent Baptist Churchs and FundamentalTop500.com. For 8 years, he has served on the Board of Directors for Hope Haven Gospel Mission in Lewiston, Maine, which is the largest KJV, independent, fundamental Baptist rescue mission in the northeast. For the last 6 of those 8 years, he has served as Chairman of the Board for Hope Haven. He has also authored and produced a video DVD titled “Why We Use the King James Version” and is working on a companion video, “Why We are Baptist.”

Brother Meldrum and his family have a heart for bringing the message of Christ to rural areas, and they know the particular challenges facing such work. They have worked to earn their own support over the years. They have known times of great need, and they have seen God’s great grace in the form of miraculous provision. They know how to “hang on” during the deeply discouraging times and events that are inevitable in any ministry. They know what it means to experience dire need, to give sacrificially of time, money, and possessions, and to raise a family under the microscope of community members and church members.

They have endured through severe hardship … and continued to serve and to expand the ministry. They have endured the ups and downs of the ministry. They have fought for the very survival of the church when an individual attempted to split it. They know what it means to struggle with every ounce of strength and “having done all, to stand.” (Ephesians 6:13)

Above all, they know how to rely upon God to get them through circumstances that are bigger than them. Ultimately, He is where all the strength comes from. All blessing and all fruit come from Him. Ultimately, it is His ministry, not theirs — they are simply the tools in God’s hands.