King James Bible Seminar


Invite Brother Meldrum to your church for a “Why We Use the King James Bible” seminar.

While most KJV, independent Baptists know that we should use the King James, very few know why we use it.

This seminar presents the case for the King James with basic, easy-to-understand language and concepts at a level that the general congregation will understand and remember. This is a powerful tool in the Bible-believing Christian’s toolbox as they win souls and disciple new converts. Never again will they be stumped or have to retreat when a liberal proclaims that their own version du jour is better.

The goal of this presentation is to strengthen the believer’s faith in the Bible and in God’s ability to preserve His inspired Word — and, to give them the tools they need to refute the disinformation of liberal Christians who attempt to sway them.

This presentation typically runs for about 45 minutes, but can be tailored to meet your needs.

Brother Meldrum will visit churches of all sizes with this presentation as God provides the means. His goal is to get into any church that has a desire for this information. If you are interested in having him visit your church, please contact him at